Mandatory Cosmetics Import Registration in India

Dated 25th June 2013

Mandatory Import registration of Cosmetics in India
The Govt. of India as per vide GSR No 426(E) dated 19th May 2010 has enacted the “Import Registration of Cosmetics” rules. After the implementation got extended 5 times since May 2010, this rule has come in full force wef- 01st April 2013. The outcome is that Cosmetics can no longer be imported into India without obtaining the registration from the CDSCO department under the FDA here.

Documents Required:
A. From Manufacturer:-
1. Power of Attorney
2. Original or a copy of the Label.
3. Free Sale Certificate (FSC)/Marketing Authorization letter/Manufacturing License, if any, (from the country of manufacture)
4. Product specification and testing protocol (with % of ingredients, INCI nomenclature of ingredients, shelf life statement, Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate)
5. List of countries where Market Authorization or import permission or registration was granted.
6. Pack insert, if any (Brief profile of the manufacturer in domestic/global market & List of Board of Directors with contact address & number)
7. Finished product specifications for the cosmetics(s) as per BIS standards (Schedule S of D & C Rules) or manufacturer’s specification.
8. Soft copies of the information about the brands, products and manufacturer

B. From Indian Importer/Authorized Agent/Exclusive Distributor in India:-
1. Covering letter by the applicant
2. Form 42
3. Treasury Challan
4. Schedule D III
C. Power of Attorney: – (to be endorsed by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of Country of Origin & Indian Embassy in that country both)
Power of Attorney – The authorization by a manufacturer to his authorized agent in India will be documented by a Power of Attorney. The power of attorney shall be
(a) executed and authenticated either in India before First Class Magistrate, or in the country of origin of the manufacturer before such an equivalent authority.
(b) attested by the Indian Embassy of the said Country.
(c) Apostille from Hague convention member countries is also acceptable.
The original of the same will be furnished along with the application for Registration Certificate. While submitting the Power of Attorney, the following points should be kept in mind: –
•It should be co-jointly signed and stamped by the manufacturer as well as the Authorised agent indicating the name & designation of the authorized signatories.
•It should clearly list the names of all cosmetic products along with their trade names, Brand as per Column 2 of the Annexure and variants (e.g. colour, shades, pack sizes, etc). Further, the name of the cosmetics should correlate with those mentioned in the Form 42.
•The names and addresses of the manufacturer as well as the Authorised agent stated in the Power of Attorney should correlate with the Form 42.
• It should be valid for the period of said Registration Certificate – 3 yrs from issue of Registration Certificate.

D. Format of Product to be inserted on Power of Attorney:-
Attached PDF

E. Annexure of Brands as per CDSCO Guidelines:-
Attached PDF

Cosmetics Regn



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