Dated 30th January 2013

International trade in India as well as domestic trade in insecticides is governed by the Insecticides Act which essentially regulates, import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides.
Registration of Insecticides
Any person desiring to import or manufacture any insecticide may apply to the Registration Committee for the registration of such insecticide and there shall be separate application for each such insecticide. Every application under sub-section (1) of the ACT, shall be made in such form and contain such particulars as may be prescribed. On receipt of any such application the registration of an insecticide, the Committee may, after such inquiry as it deems fit and after satisfying itself that the insecticide to which the application relates conforms to the claims made by the importer or by the manufacturer, as the case may be, as regards [on such conditions as may be specified by it] and on payment of such fee as may be prescribed, the insecticide, allot a registration number thereto and issue a certificate of registration in token thereof within a period of twelve months from the date of receipt of the application. Provided that the Committee may, if it is unable within the said period to arrive at a decision on the basis of the materials placed before it, extend the period by a further period not exceeding six months. Provided further that if the Committee is of opinion that the precaution claimed by the application as being sufficient to ensure safety to human beings or animal are not such as can be easily observed or that notwithstanding the observance of such precautions the use of the insecticides involves serious risk to human beings or animals it may refuse to register the insecticide. Where the Registration Committee is of opinion that the Insecticide is being introduced for the first time in India, it may, pending any inquiry, register it provisionally for a period of two years on such conditions as may be specified by it. The registration Committee may, having regard to the efficacy of the insecticide and its safety to human beings and animals, vary the conditions subject to which a certificate a registration has been granted and may for that purpose require the certificate-holder by notice in writing to deliver up the certificate to it within such time as may be specified in the notice.
Prohibition of import and manufacture of certain insecticides
No person shall, himself or by any person on his behalf, import or manufacture-
a. any misbranded insecticides;
b. any insecticide the sale, distribution or use of which is for the time being prohibited under section 27;
c. any insecticide except in accordance with the condition on which it was registered;
d. any insecticide in contravention of any other provision of this Act or of any rule made thereunder:



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