Dated 21st February 2012

BIS is operating a product certification Scheme for Indian Importers. In above schemes, a licence can be granted for any product against an Indian Standard specifying product characteristics, which is amenable to certification. The schemes operate on self-certification basis, whereby the importer is permitted to apply the Standard Mark on the product after ascertaining its conformity to the Indian Standard licenced for. Through its surveillance operations the Bureau maintains a close vigil on the quality of goods certified. Those desirous of obtaining the BIS licence have to apply to BIS in prescribed application form, which can also be downloaded from BIS web-site at along with an application fee of Rs.1000/-.An importing unit will be treated as an Indian manufacturer & licence granted and operated in manner similar to other Indian manufacturers. The importing unit should setup a fully equipped laboratory for testing the product for its conformity to Indian Standard. The cost of inspection(s) which at present is Rs 4000/day and testing shall be borne by the applicant firm. BIS may impose any conditions to ensure compliance of the product to given Indian Standard. These conditions may include:
a)Pre-certification of components / raw materials;
b) A visit to the original product manufacturer premises to assess their in-process quality controls etc. In such a case, the applicant will have to bear expenditure of travel, stay, miscellaneous expenses like visa etc and per diem as applicable by BIS regulations for a team of officers (normally not more than 2 officers) for their visit to the manufacturing premises.

Licence under above schemes is granted to an applicant if results of preliminary inspection(s) and testing are satisfactory, the applicant has requisite testing facilities and competent testing personnel and agrees to comply with Scheme of Testing & Inspection (STI) and to pay BIS marking fee as applicable. In case, licence is granted, the licensee shall pay the annual marking fee at the rate prescribed by BIS for the product and an annual licence fee of Indian Rs. 1000/-.

The initial validity period of licence is one year, which can be renewed for further periods subject to satisfactory operation of licence as observed during follow up (periodic) inspections, factory & independent testing of samples drawn from factory & market. The licensee shall apply to BIS on the prescribed renewal form along with the renewal fee of Rs. 500/-.It would be in interest of applicant to submit application for grant of licence only if following is satisfied:
a) Testing equipments to test the product in accordance with relevant Indian Standard are available.
b) Product conforms to the relevant Indian Standard (Test a sample in your laboratory and enclose a copy of the test report with application).

SOURCE: GOVT. OF INDIA, Bureau of Indian Standards


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